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Headlines Review

I was really chuffed today to spot an exhaustive review of Headlines on the Ovi Daily Blog today. The review is by Steve Litchfield from All About Symbian. If you get the chance you should really check it out. Steve did an awesome job of reviewing the application. It is positive and fair review and Steve highlights some items I am working on to improve, and yes before you ask  I am working on updates to Headline and I’m following my Roadmap for future releases.

Resisting Temptation Badly
I always find it hard to keep myself focused on a single idea and application, and as you saw with my previous blog post I re-released TextQuick on the Ovi store. I am also looking at, and doing some light investigation into concepts and ideas for new phone applications. I hope to share some more of these new plans with you guys very soon. The problem I have at the moment is selecting the best idea. I have many ideas – without the inbetweenie bits. So I am working to add some more thought to my ideas and hopefully this will help me select a great next idea…. watch this space.

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