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Getting Colour…. sorry…. Color… Get-it?

Wow checking out the tech news today and you can’t move for talk of the new “social” app called “color”. Its got some pretty serious weight behind it, famous names in social networking, and some serious investment by some big names in the tech industry. But what the heck does it do?

From what I can make out it is a location aware social photo sharing application….. man talk about tech buzzword bingo!

So how does it work? Well that’s the tricky part. I checked out the color site, and got directed to an iPhone App and an Android App. I found 44 words on the color web page, I read the BBC article, and I read the TechCrunch(1) articles(2)…. and I think I get it…. I think…. maybe… this is what I get so far….

I’m out and about with my buddies and I take a photo, then my friends who are with me also take photos. Then even though I was there watching my friends take photos and saw what they were taking photos of, and like wise them with me. We all decide to checkout each others pictures. We do this, not by swapping phones but by downloading the pictures over the phone network. This lets everyone in the group see on their phone the same images they saw with their eyes only 30 seconds earlier, but you know from different angles and stuff….. ok, that doesn’t sound right… if that is right, then it sounds a little like like a real life Tivo / Sky+! – Man that would be cool, if only I could pause my train and rewind it when I miss it…

Where does the location come in – well anyone else who happens to be with 150ft (30 meters for everyone else) can also see the photos we took, and I can see the photos taken by someone else. That is kinda cool. It sounds like a location based photo notice board.

Scary Scary Criminal Colors
I just can’t get over the following scenario out of my head though. I’m at home and I take a photo, this means that everyone within 30 meters of my house / apartment can also see the photo’s taken from the inside of my apartment. Or better yet – I don’t take a photo, a visiting friend who uses "Color” takes a photo of me standing beside my large and expensive flat screen TV / computer / etc.. and now everyone outside my house can also see inside my house, like you know passing criminals and stuff…

Almost “Got it”
Ok, so I don’t get it yet… I will download it and give it a go, but I’ll probably wait until I go somewhere away from my house first.

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