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Headlines 1.1.0 (Beta) is out

I’ve been working hard on some updates and improvements to Headlines and today I released Headlines 1.1.0 as a beta. It is available free to everyone, if you are interested in being a beta tester drop me a line at headlines@mind-flip.com.

This release includes a new auto refresh feature, improvements to the “Recommended Feeds”, font rendering, and search results. I’ve included my mini-release notes below.

Mini Release Notes

·         Improved font rendering

o    Anti-aliasing removal (available in 1.0.1)

The readability of the story title font on the main screen of the application has been improved.


o    Story readability changes

The font size of the story page has been increased, and the positioning and alignment of the story "body" updated. These changes make it easier to read the story synopsis available in Headlines.


Headlines 1.0

Headlines 1.1




·         Auto refresh of news feeds

If you leave Headlines running in the background on your phone, this new feature will ensure you always get the latest news. The auto refresh feature  allows Headlines to automatically trigger a refresh operation. You can enable or disable this feature, and specify how often Headlines should refresh by accessing the new settings screen. You can find the new settings screen from the about screen - Click the running man. Then select the "Settings" button.


Safe guards - preventing an inconsistent experience

The auto refresh feature contains a number of safe guards so it can not interrupt your reading of the news. The auto refresh will only occur when the phone has been idle for a couple of minutes, the user is not currently viewing a story, and the users specified elapsed time period has expired. For example, if the Headlines is running, and user has specified a refresh after 30 minutes. Once 30 minutes has elapsed Headlines checks to ensure that the device is idle, then it checks to make sure that the user didn't leave a story up on the screen - perhaps they did this deliberately - so they can view the story at another time. Only after these checks will Headlines preform an update.


New about and settings screen available in Headlines 1.1




·         Improved search results

Working with RSS Mountain, Headlines search provider, we have managed to improve the quality of the search results returned from this version of Headlines. We made enhancements both to Headlines and to RSS Mountain to ensure we provide a better answer for any search request.


·         Updated "Recommended Feeds" (This is available on all versions of Headlines, 1.0.0, 1.0.1, and 1.1)

The process of updating the recommended feeds has started. This will be an on-going process - if you have any recommendations for new graphical RSS feeds I would love to hear them.


Initially the "Recommended Feeds" have been reviewed and updated with new gra
phical feeds introduced, and non-graphical feeds removed. You can find the recommended feeds by selecting the "+" symbol to add a feed and clicking the "Recommended Feeds" button.

Items of note:

o    The All About Symbian

Thanks to Rafe at All About Symbian this now has graphics! – And looks fantastic.

o    Dublin 98fm (Radio station)

o    Irish Rugby News

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