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Looking forward

I thought Headlines was great when I released it to the Ovi store, but I’ve got some great feedback from a number of people with suggestions for new features and improvements. Some of these suggestions are simply fantastic, so much so that I’ve decided to delay the next update (1.0.1) so that I can provide additional value to everyone. I thought I would give you a little glimpse of my outline roadmap for future Headlines updates and releases:


 Current Focus
I am currently working on Release 1.1 which will include the font rendering changes mentioned in my last blog post, it will also include a new feature – auto updates. When Headlines is left running in the background then it will automatically refresh the news feeds you have selected. This will, of course be user configurable.

I’ve also been working with RSS Mountain, my search provider. They have been simply fantastic and working with them I’ve a number of changes which should dramatically improve the search results they provide – I am really looking forward to sharing more details about these changes in the coming weeks.

Lastly, for release 1.1 I am reviewing the recommended feeds list. There are simply so many news feeds which contain some much value that I'm going to update the recommended feed list with additional content.

I am working hard on Release 1.1 and expect to have a beta out this week and release on Ovi coming shortly afterwards. All updates to Headlines will of course be free for anyone who has purchased a copy!

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