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Captain Who?

“You can’t get through" We were told. Facing a rather longer than
expected walk, we turned to our left and walked around the blocked off
area of the city centre. It was the start of night out with my sister
and her boyfriend in Manchester. The route the the bar was blocked by
security and a rather large lorry painted green. No, no it wasn’t
anything to do with national security, it turns out a major Hollywood
film was being made right around the corner from my sister’s place.

dinner we learnt that a movie company had taken over the city centre
for a couple of weeks and had been filming Captain America in the middle
of the city. My sisters boyfriend had managed to befriend some of the
security folks and during the filming had managed from various vantage
points, to watch some of the movie being made. Car chases, explosions,
and fight sequences were all explained to us.

On the way back
from the pub, we took a shortcut and managed to slip in past security
and walk through the set. There where whole blocks of Manchester
(England) made up to look like streets from the 1920’s in New York,
complete with changes to street lamps, posters advertising dance
lessons, with prices in USD and locations given in NYC.

Why am I
telling you this? Does it have anything to do with Mind-Flip?…. Well, no
actually it doesn’t have anything to do with Mind-Flip and I’m only
sharing since I stumbled across the Captain America trailer on IMDB

what was the green truck for? – Well it was used as part of the green
screen by the special effects folk. So that when the camera looked down
the street they could replace the giant green block at the end of the
street with a computer generated extended street scene.


Now then… back to real work…

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