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Headlines Update On The Way

I have been submitting Headlines for review, and Steve Litchfield from www.allaboutsymbian.com and The Phones Show gave me some great feedback. He said he saw red patterned text on the main screen of the application. At first I was completely confused, where could this have come from? What was the problem? It turned out a small change would really improve the usability and readability of Headlines.

Steve was kind enough to send me through a screenshot (zooming in on the offending text) to show me what the problem was:

redtext (2)

You can see that the text appears slightly red and a bit blurry in places. This is caused by Anti-aliasing. I turned this on. However the text used on the main screen is so small that it was causing it to look red and blurry. Turning it off ( a single one line change) made all the difference:


Here are some screenshots so you can compare the differences. I shall be releasing the Headlines 1.0.1 update to the Ovi store this week. It shall be free for all current owners!

Before (Headlines 1.0.0)

After (Headlines 1.0.1)

Ant-aliasing On

Ant-aliasing Off





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