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Happy Monday, Ovi

I’ve produced' Headline’s Icon is more sizes and image formats than I can care to think about, and I’ve produced banner adverts for it on the PC and mobile formats, filled in details of my grandmother’s sister’s next door neighbour’s pet cat’s birthday, and then clicked the “submit” button on Ovi. Now the next stage is to wait for the Ovi QA team to get back to me. Hopefully (fingers crossed) Headlines will be up and visible on the Ovi store within the next week!

There are lots of checks and steps to fill in when submitted the application. I think I’ve got them all filled in correctly (fingers crossed).

In the mean time I’ve created the first version of the Headlines web site – with the video clip, screenshots, and user manual. You can check this out here: http://www.mind-flip.com/headlines/

I also need to create a mobile specific version of the page (coming soon!) – in the mean time Happy Monday everyone!

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