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Looking at a box of Corn Flakes

imageWe normally don’t think about it, but next time you are in the supermarket take a moment out to check out all the packaging. The bright colours, the distinctive styles – you can spot a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes from across the room. The same care and attention to packaging is also important for any online offering, it just takes a different form. But before I could even get to creating the packaging I first need to get Headlines signed for Symbian.

Yay! - Headlines is now signed!
Even though Nokia is moving away from Symbian, the http://www.symbiansigned.com website is still up, and this is a great thing, as without it no third party developers would be able to publish any applications. Every application on Symbian needs to have its own unique number. The Symbian signed website manages the collection of available numbers, as a developer I need to ask Symbian for a number I can use with Headlines. Then once this is complete I need to sign the application using my developer certificate. This indicates that I have tested the application and am happy that it is safe. The Signing and testing is intended to ensure that rouge applications can not be distributed.

I am pleased to say that Headlines has now been signed! – the next stage is less technical, now I need to list it and sell it on Ovi.

Cornflakes and Ovi
Ovi – is apparently Finish for “door” and is Nokia’s online store for selling applications. When you list the application on their store you need to provide a bunch of additional information. The additional information is the online equivalent to the packaging for any product you see in the supermarket. As consumers we normally don’t think about it, but a lot of work does go into producing great packaging, and the same is true for any application listed in Ovi, except for Ovi the packaging takes a different form, rather than being a cardboard box, it is images and promotional banners, icons, user manuals, release notes, descriptions and even screenshots.

Producing all the documentation is a surprising amount of work, I am currently in the middle of it I am hopeful that this will be completed by the end of the week. In the mean time I could with a bowl of corn flakes – just to keep my energy up!

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