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Things are moving on a pace. The VAT numbers for Mind-Flip have arrived and this week will see myself and Emma going through the paces of getting Headlines release. As I mentioned in earlier posts I’ve been looking at how to create a well designed and commutative Icon. One which will provide the first time viewer with an idea about what the application does. I reviewed my earlier attempts, took some advice from Paul Rand, and kicked off a second round of Icon design. I think my new Icon is better – what about you?

So based on the requirements we have on hand:

1. It should contain the RSS logo
2. It should contain the running man symbol
3. It should communicate “News” in some way
4. It should not be square
5. It has to be 88 pixels by 88 pixels

I started playing around with the icon design. I had to keep the RSS logo and the Running man.

image image image
I started off by just combining the two symbols. I kept the word news from the original newspaper title too.

It is good, but not great – the white space on the far left made the image feel like it was left hanging. Plus it is very square, something I want to avoid.

I played with the RSS logo. Spinning it on its side produced this symbol. It looks very radio / broadcast like.

Recomposing the two images ? I got this. I thought this gave the icon a good composition. I like the way the running man appeared to be running through the RSS Waves.

However it still need an base, an anchor for the eyes.

image image image
Here I added back in the NEWS footer. This helped provide an anchor for the icon.

Additionally since the application is called headlines the combination of the icon containing the word News and the application title below will produce the phrase “NEWS Headlines”.

The RSS Icon is actually more orange than red. So I started playing with colour and colour combinations.

Colour and combination play. Rather than have the running man as a separate entity I tried combining the two, using tone to try to integrate the two images.

I felt this worked – to a degree. However the conjoining of the iconic images of the running man and the stylised RSS Feed was just too much. I felt the viewer would just be confused by the over complication.

I eventually returned to the red based RSS logo and the NEWS anchor. This really conveys what I wanted.

The problem was that the text and the radio / RSS appeared too separate. Is there a way to combine the two?

This led me on to the final icon.


The Final Icon
The final version – what do you think?






I increased the size of the running man, and dropped him lower in the image so that his back foot clips the “N” from news. This draws your eyes down the image in the opposite direction to the RSS Waves. I felt that this icon had the most cohesive feel. What do you guys think?

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