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The day-glow blue post


The basics where done. Now finally I could move onto doing the graphics and presentation. I had a good idea of the overall structure of the application, based on the idea of folders of news. Each folder would allow the user to scroll left and right through the stories. With the news folders stacked on top of each other the user could easily scroll up and down through their selected news sources. This way they have a very quick and easy way to become informed!

Please don’t run away!
I wanted a basic style, a symbol I could use for the application which would be instantly recognised. A simple iconic shape. Initially I thought about calling the application “FeedRunner”, as it allowed the user to quickly run through the news feeds, and the little running symbol worked really well with this name. It suggested running through the news, or perhaps a paper boy / girl. Working on the graphics and overall style I created some initial mock ups using some “lovely” bright blue colours:


I spent a lot of time looking for inspiration and at first I based my designs and colour schemes on that used in some common every day applications, like Windows. or other desk top applications. This goes some way to explaining the blue colours above. I don’t however have an excuse for the day glow orange, other than I thought it was cool.

These designed evolved over time from things like this:


To things like this:



I then worked on how to add the necessary functions for adding and removing a story source. The folder metaphor gave me the clue! – I added (+) aka plus symbols on an empty folder, and ( x ) symbols aka crosses on full folders. Tapping these allowed the user to add or remove a source.

I completed remaining screen designs adding support for new user modes and drawing out exactly how a user would interact with the system and how the application would look. The next two major issues stood in front of me; could my code live up to my aspirations; and would the application name be enough?

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