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What do I do, every morning, in bed, before getting up?


So the challenge was on. It’s early June, I’ve got a company and I’ve just discovered that my intended application is probably going to sink. So far, this isn’t a great start, really, is it?

Looking at everyday activities
When I wake in the morning I get beaten to the shower by my lovely wife. I am reminded that this is not because she likes to use all the hot water, but because she has to be in work before me. We don’t have an alarm clock instead like many people we use our mobiles. When mine goes off (and I’ve lost out on the sprint for the shower) I normally lie in bed and check out the news on the phone. I kick off the phone’s browser and I check out the news on the BBC, then the Irish Times, to name but two. Then I’ll check some technology news sites as well. Flicking through the pages on a mobile isn’t the fastest thing to do in the world. There has to be a better way, but what?

A trip back in time
Back in 1999 Netscape was big news it’s browsers were competing for internet domination and one Netscape’s smart chaps, Ramanathan V. Guha, worked out a way to send updates on websites to browsers around the world. This is the basis for RSS (Really simply syndication) a way for web sites to package up their content into steams (also known as feeds) and send that information around the world. The idea is that you don’t have to visit a web site to find out about an update. This works great for sites like news websites or even blogs, which can post updates. RSS feeds have evolved since 1999 and now not only include the original text descriptions, but also include other information like pictures, photos, and some times links to MP3 or even video clips. The later two are the basis for Podcasting and Videocasting. If I could get access to the RSS feeds I could present the content from multiple sites in a really easy, user friendly way. This is my next idea. Now I just need the in-betweenie-bits!

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