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In The Beginning

It all started as a
good idea in the pub... at lunch time. Chatting away to one of my
co-workers we both expressed the same issues. We're freelance IT
consultants and we change employer regularly, every time we do start
again from scratch with our new employer. All the knowledge we've
picked up and scribbled down in log books, all the tips, short cuts,
and handy bits of code we've collected are all lost. Most of this is
simple common stuff, repetitive tasks nothing involving any company
IPR. - You know the simple stuff that's just a ball-ache to do. In
the modern economy were you change jobs frequently anyway this is
even more common.

So the solution is to
post any tips up on the blog, that way they are available to all and
hopefully helpful to some.

I also plan to post any
epiphany's I might have, either dealing with software development or
more generally.

Enjoy Mind-Flip, more
to follow....

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  1. Anonymous

    This is such a good idea that I only wish I thought of it first… some of my tips from the land of IT consultancy to follow!

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