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TextQuick 2 Beta Available


Pheeewweee! Done.... now I’m ready to improve it!

What a long time! – It has been a while since I posted here, it’s also been a while since I had any TextQuick related news to share with you. Well I am now please to announce that TextQuick2 is ready to be shared with you.

I’m releasing TextQuick2 as a free public beta, and I would really appreciate your feedback, let me know what is good and what is bad.

Initially I’m going to concentrate on fixing any errors, so if you see any issues or problems with TextQuick2 let me know – that’s going to be my main focus. Then once I feel that TextQuick2 has locked down well I can move on to adding new features - I really want to hear your suggestions for new features.

Let me tell you the new features in TextQuick2!

TextQuick2 Features

New “RankingEngine”

This is the bit that counts the SMSs in your inbox; it is in fact the brains behind the application. I rewrote the RankingEngine so that it would:

  • Constantly monitor for in coming and out going emails
  • Allow me to read message contacts
  • Create list of messages assigned to a user
  • New file storage system for storing TextQuick application state

TextQuick standard interface

I have updated the standard interface (this is the list of contacts). I changed the UI slightly to make space for additional text messages – I made the title bar smaller.

TextQuick now includes Venus and the Mind-Flip Kernel

I created a graphics engine which provides animation and event handling. This is used to provide further UI improvements including the following.

Message Stream View

From the main TextQuick standard interface, just press the joystick / direction button to the right. The current screen will scroll off to the left showing you a list of messages sent to and from that contact. You can scroll this by moving up and down. You can even forward a message, just use the “Options” menu.

New Message Popup

By default TextQuick runs in the background the entire time. When running if an SMS arrives TextQuick will jump into the foreground and display the message to you. From this screen you can either reply or ignore the message. If the message is from someone in your address book TextQuick will give you the option to jump to the message screen, allowing you to put the message into context.

Over the next week I shall be creating a set of web pages describing TextQuick2 and its functionality in more detail, in the mean time you can download TextQuick2 from here.  Or on your mobile - visit this location: http://mind-flip.com/mtq2/

Go on... give it a go, and let me know what you think! – drop me an email at textquick@mind-flip.com

3rd Edition Focus

This version of TextQuick is designed for 3rd edition devices, but it will install and work on 5th edition devices too. You can use your finger to swipe across a contact, from right to left, to slide the screen off and see the message stream. Slide your finger in the opposite direction to move back.



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