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Video Clip of TextQuick 2 Message Stream

My lovely wife Emma bought me a new laptop for Christmas, and well as it turns out the web cam on it does an OK job of capturing a mobile phone screen. Not brilliant, but not bad. The tricky bits were:

  1. Trying not to get myself in frame
  2. Trying not keep the phone in frame steady

Anyway here is the fruit of this little trial. I don’t think the frame rate on the camera was high enough as some ghosting appears during the animation which isn’t present in reality.


Contact List

imageHere S60’s standard UI (Avkon) is being used to show the new TextQuick contact list.  As you can see this contact list has been extended. The application title has been made smaller so that more of the screen is turned over to the list of friends.The Venus graphics library is used to preform the transition from this screen to the next  Venus take over the rendering of the UI and animates the slide of the S60 Avkon list out to the left of the screen. This reveals the Message Stream screen.


Message Stream


The Message Stream Screen provides a view of all the messages associated with a contact. This is all rendered using Venus. Here you can see Venus rendering the message bubbles, animating the list (smooth scrolling), and drawing the text. You can also see that the theme in use on the phone is shown during this video. Venus is detecting the theme and making the correct changes to ensure that is is shown in the background.

I’m not sure if the camera caught it, but as you scroll through the messages TextQuick selects (highlights) a message. Once highlighted you can use TextQuick to forward the selected messages to others.

Each of the speech bubbles is rendered using a solid coloured outer line, and gradient fill from a dark version of the line colour at the top to a light, near white colour at the bottom. At the bottom of the speech bubble the message date and time are displayed. The blue speech bubbles show messages sent to your contact, and the orange / red colour shows message received from your contact.

Your thoughts?

Emma has already told me she doesn’t like the red colour. What do you think ? Blue and red, does it work? Should I change the colours?

I could also change the speech bubble shapes? Too much like the iPhone, should this change?

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