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New Message View / Message Stream Views complete

There has been some great progress on TextQuick this week. The bugs with the alpha blending have been fixed at TextQuick appears to be running well within the emulator.

All the major areas of functionality appear to be working well. There are still some graphical / presentation areas to work on. This includes picking colours and graphics for Icons and pictures which will be used throughout TextQuick.

The next stage is giving a copy to my wife, Emma. She really is a great tester. Emma tested an initial version of TextQuick 2 before Christmas and the results of that really helped.

While Emma is testing the areas of functionality and providing feedback I shall be working on the new presentation. The integration of Venus has allowed me to produce a more dynamic application than the stock S60 3rd edition controls would have allowed me to do. However with this comes a lot of new choice. I’ve tried to follow the theme selected by the user as much as possible. So when showing the new Message Stream and New message screens TextQuick uses the default background images.

I do need help in picking the best colours, fonts, and icons for TextQuick. I would like to start posting up videos and screenshots of TextQuick running on a handset. This way you guys could see TextQuick running, Venus in action and I would love to get your feedback on colours, icons and images I have used.


How to take a video of a phone Screen

I’m not too sure what the best way of taking a video from a mobile phone screen is? I’ve tried using another mobile to create a 3gp file but the camera couldn’t focus and the image came out all blury. Does anyone know of a good way to record a video of a mobile phone screen?


Anyway lots done and lots more to do!

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  1. Anonymous

    I would recommend Remote Professional from mobileways.de for this sort of screen capture.

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