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Integrating: Venus and TextQuick

As you guys all know I’m in the middle of completing the transition between the new message notification screen and the message stream. I would like the new message notification screen to fade out and the message stream screen to fade back in.

In integrating this functionality I have discovered a bug with the way I have implemented alpha blending for composite graphical elements in Venus. To help debug and resolve the error I have created a specific test harness application. The screenshots below are taken from this.

Venus can have one parent object, in the images below this is the rounded box, which can contain multiple child objects. When I change the Alpha value of the parent object it should take into account the alpha values of all the child objects too. Otherwise when I ask Venus to alpha blend the parent object it would appear to fade out, but all the child objects would stay the same. To deal with this I created a specific “AlphaManager” within Venus It is this AlphaManger which I am debugging at the moment.

The screenshots below illustrate the issue I’m working on at the moment:

    After an alpha blending animation, going from transparent to opaque ( the max alpha value) the Venus object still appears to be slightly faded. It shouldn't. It should be completely back to normal.

    Normal (before the animation):


    After animation:


    Eventually this leads to a bad alpha value:


Fun and games! – I should get this issue cracked soon.

[update] Text taken from the first line of this page on Stephenie Meyer's web site. - I just needed some example text for the test harness and it seemed like a good fit. A bit more interesting than "lorem Ipsum"

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