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New Year – New Features

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas break. I have been planning on providing a list of the new features I am working on for TextQuick 2, so here they all are:

TextQuick 2 Feature List

A rewritten Ranking Engine

The Ranking Engine is the heart of TextQuick it ranks all messages detected in both your Inbox and Sent box, matching them up to contacts from your address book. The rewrite added support for real time message handling; when a message arrives and TextQuick is running the message is ranked straight away, and list of contacts is automatically re-ranked.

At the same time I added support for recording the message history – simply put,when the message is ranked, the Ranking Engine now also saves a pointer to the message. This was a simple, but important change as it now allows a Message Stream view.


A rewritten File Handler

The old file handling routines were designed to only save a small amount of data. Now that the Ranking Engine is saving pointers to messages the amount of information being saved has increased. The old file handler would take too long to load and save all the this information, so I updated and replaced the file handler with a new implementation. This allows for more dynamic content and automatically reclaims space, reducing the disk space that the old system would have consumed.


New message arrival

With the Ranking Engine changes it is now possible for TextQuick to display new message pop-ups. One of the most frustrating things I find is when a message arrives the does  not tell you who it is from or what it is about. The new message popup in TextQuick provides all of this.


New graphics library and effects

The Venus graphics library is now integrated into TextQuick. This is used to power the new screens in TextQuick, these are the Message Stream and the New Message notification screens.


Message Stream

The message stream shows you all the messages you have sent or received to a specific person. Venus provides the rendering for this screen, and provides smooth scrolling and automatic resizing when the screen orientation changes.


TextQuick 2 has seen an overhaul of almost every area of the application. I’m completing the new message arrival screen and adding a feature which allows you to jump from a preview of the recently received message to the message stream. Once this is complete I am hoping to be able to offer a beta version to a select few.


  1. Anonymous

    Fantastic Chris, – Looking forward to the new release!

  2. Anonymous

    Good to read that you are still working on TextQuick .
    As I understand one of the new features is a threaded sms view like iPhone has. Am I right?
    I would like to try the app. when is out in beta.
    Also I would like to see some early screen captures of the application if you have it.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Darren, I'm working on it – it has been a long time, and I'm hoping to have this complete soon.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes it is a message stream similar to the iPhone. I would be really happy if you would give me feedback on the app and I'll be sure to post when it is available. Right now I'm just cracking down the last integration issues. Then it will go for the “wife test”. I give the application to my wife and if she can't break it then I'll be distributing it as a beta. It is getting so close I can almost taste it. 🙂

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