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Developer Diary – Entry 1: 2009. TextQuick update & Sounding like Batman

I know I've not updated the blog in a long while, and the truth is I've been very busy. While I've been very busy I've found it hard to find the time to write something technical & meaningful for my blog. This blog has been focused mainly on technical issues, while I've found documenting the technical issues helpful it does really narrow the scope of material I have been posting. There is some much more I could and should write about. As a consequence I've set myself a new year resolution. This is to post at least once every two weeks, and to include more material, not just technical tips and also insights, or thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Right now I'm suffering from the worlds worst cold, well at least if feels that way. I'm sitting at my desk surrounded by a swarm of tissue boxes and cold remedies. - I've basically lost my voice, I'm convinced I sound like Christian Bail's Batman after he puts on the costume, although I'm pretty sure he didn't feel this bad. I feel like Hans Solo after being defrosted from his carbon bath.... I think after writing this entry I'm going to curl up in front of the discovery channel with a large mug of tea.

Why have I been busy over the last 7 months ?
Well, a lot has gone on in my personal life, but, apart from that I've also been working really hard on a vast update to TextQuick. This has included a complete re-working on the ranking engine, the creation of some new technology and a revamp of the user interface. It's all starting to come together. The individual pieces are complete and I'm currently lacing them all together.

I've personally been running with the new ranking engine for a couple of months and have not notice any major issues. The other areas of new technology are complete and I'm starting the integration work. I'll keep you posted on how that goes and will release news of the new features coming to TextQuick in future posts.

I'm also going to be looking for help with Alpha testing.... anyone who's interested should drop me an email at textquick@mind-flip.com.

Happy New Year!!

... right... now where is that lemsip....

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