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Problems with Handango : A Note to TextQuick 1.4 Owners

It looks as if the TextQuick 1.5 launch has been marred by a few hiccups with the Handango web site. I uploaded TextQuick 1.5 to them, and requested that it be offered as a free upgrade to all existing customers.

I've had some reports back from existing customers saying that they have been unable to obtain the latest version of TextQuick. I'm not sure why the Handango site is not offering the update for free. This is my first time going through this process so the problem could be with how I've configured the site, or it could be with Handango.

I've emailed Handango requesting some help, and they've said they would get back to me in a couple of days. In the mean time if you have any issues with obtaining TextQuick 1.5 simply download the trial version, and drop me an email with the IMEI number, including dashes as shown by TextQuick. Select “Options”->”Register” from the application menu. Include some proof of purchase, for instance the email address you used when you originally purchased TextQuick and your transaction number / receipt email. Send the email to textquick@mind-flip.com.


  1. Anonymous

    everytime (well not everytime, but very very often) i evoke textquick 1.5 on my N73, it takes an inordinately long time to boot up, because it appears to be scanning the phone book again. Can i make that stop. the whole idea of buying this (and i plunged and paid rather than get the free version) was to save time sending SMS. this is taking longer to start than normal SMS.
    I am very surprised that less sophisticated versions of Nokia (than the N series) already have the equivalent of Textquick as a standard feature.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for purchasing TextQuick.
    On start up TextQuick needs to load everyone who has a mobile number from your phone book so it can display the list of people. In addition it also needs to read any recently received text messages so it can update the order of the list. To prevent TextQuick from having to scan the inbox completely TextQuick stores some information, including the last order of the list on the C drive on your phone. If your C drive is full TextQuick will not be able to save this information. This will cause problems, as the next time you start the application TextQuick will need to rescan all the messages in your inbox. I would suggest that you ensure that your C drive is not full.
    To make TextQuick faster you can change a setting in the application. If you set TextQuick to jump to the background after sending a message then TextQuick will continue to run in the background. Next time you want TextQuick it will simply jump to the front of the screen. All of this will happen in a fraction of a second. Check out my web page here : http://mind-flip.com/textquick/using/index.html . This page details how to change this setting, have a look a section titled “Changing Settings”.
    I personally own a Nokia E50, a much less powerful device than the N73 and TextQuick starts up significantly quicker than the built in phone book. In addition I have had feed back from a number of N73 owners all of which have commented on how quick TextQuick is to start up. It's always good to receive feed back and I'd be interested to know if the above tips help to improve your use of TextQuick.

  3. Anonymous

    During the beta phase of TextQuick's development I actually emailed a couple of Nokia employee's and gave them copies of TextQuick. They said that it's a feature that they themselves have been asking for. So it's good to know that Nokia is listening.
    I've just returned from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I did see the Nokia N96, but I didn't see any built in TextQuick like features. Indeed I saw a number of S60 devices and none of them had TextQuick like features. So at the moment the only way to get the ease of use you've got at the moment is with TextQuick.

  4. Anonymous

    Ahh the older Nokia devices do the same as the Sony Ericsson devices and list the last 2 / 3.. 5 people you've sent a text message too. This helps, but isn't the same functionality as TextQuick

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