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TextQuick 1.5 : Opening Up To The Rest Of The World

I want to tell you about how I'm opening up TextQuick to more people than ever before. I've put some exciting technology under the skin of the forth coming release of TextQuick. This enables me to deliver  a better version of TextQuick, and it provides a fantastic platform for moving forward. There are some awesome plans under way to make TextQuick even better in the future.

Just before I tell you more about TextQuick 1.5 and the future roadmap, I'd like to take a paragraph or two to look back at how TextQuick has evolved.

It's coming up to a year since TextQuick was born. The amount of frustration I had with my phone had just got too high and by February last year I'd started some early development. In July, following some very late nights I had the first beta version of TextQuick out. The response I had from that first release was astounding, I was worried that no one would find the application useful. However the beta version was downloaded thousands of times, an amazing number for such a small application. I was truly blown away.

Being my first solo application TextQuick has been a great learning experience. I've really learnt a lot from this process and this has fed back into the forthcoming release of TextQuick 1.5.  I think it's always important to strive to improve, and it's something I want to continue doing with TextQuick.

I had some fantastic feedback while TextQuick was in beta. I think in part this was due to the fact that TextQuick was available for free. People from all over the world were able to download TextQuick and try it out. So one of the goals for TextQuick 1.5 has been to introduce a demo version that's available to everyone to try. The more people that are able to get their hands on TextQuick the more feedback I'm hoping to get.

So to open up TextQuick I initially thought of developing two versions of the application, a full version and a demo version. However that approach would quickly run into trouble. For me as a developer it means that I need to maintain two versions of TextQuick, and every time I fixed a bug in one version I'd need to fix it in the other. Or every time I add a new feature I'd need to add it to the other. Finally every time I made a new release of TextQuick I would need to test both the full and demo versions.

Even for the user it would cause problems. When moving from the demo version to the full version any user would have to download two copies of TextQuick. I know TextQuick is small, but I really don't want users who like TextQuick being caught twice with the mobile networks data charges. Not only that, but any user would have to un-install the trial version, and reinstall the full version of TextQuick, this would force TextQuick to reconstruct it's database again – all of which takes time.

So instead I decided to go with a single version of TextQuick. A version where you can simply use it for the trial period, and then at any time you can enter a registration code which will prevent TextQuick from expiring. This means a simpler code base for me, and a single download for everyone else.

In TextQuick 1.5 upgrading from the trial version to the full version is easy. When you purchase a copy of TextQuick Handango will supply you with a unique registration number based on the individual handset. Simply type this into TextQuick and it will unlock.

I think there is some great polishing in TextQuick 1.5 and I can't wait for you guys to get your hands on it. I'm giving away TextQuick 1.5 free as an up date to everyone who has purchased a copy of TextQuick 1.4. If all goes to plan the new version of TextQuick should be with you within the next week.


  1. Anonymous

    i have bought today your program. when will i have the 1.5 ?

  2. Anonymous

    is it possible to have it in italian language ? i can translate for you

  3. Anonymous

    thanks for this good program.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for purchasing TextQuick, and I'm glad you like it!
    I've just made the latest version of TextQuick available. I think we just have to wait for Handango to approve the application before it appears on their website.

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