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Rediscovering the missing EPOCROOT

Although Symbian ship and require that you install perl with their SDK there is an alternative set of scripting languages that comes free with any copy of Windows. Windows comes with a component called the Windows Scripting Host. I used this tool in a previous post here.

With a stock Symbian install, supplied directly from Symbian, you get an environment variable called EPOCROOT. This contains the path to the  SDK's epoc32 directory. This variable was really useful for creating supporting batch files / script's, as these scripts would work with whatever SDK was currently being used.

However with the latest 3rd party SDKs the EPOCROOT has vanished and been replaced by the “devices” command line tool. This tool provides a quick way of switching SDKs. However the removal of the EPOCROOT environment variable has meant that it's now more difficult to write batch files or scripts.

May I present the attached script which allows you to rediscover the EPOCRoot variable. I hope you guys will find it as useful as I have.

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