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TextQuick 1.5 RC 1

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. Well the holidays were great, I was very busy during them and as a consequence development of TextQuick slowed a little. However I'm well and truly back on the ball, and I'm pleased to announce that TextQuick 1.5 Release Candidate 1 is ready. They say that it's the last 10% of a project that takes 90% of the time and I really have felt this to be the case with TextQuick 1.5.  
TextQuick 1.5 is all about quality, refining the application, and improving it's reliability. During development of TextQuick 1.5 I have been juggling the new features I want to add with the quality I want to deliver. To a certain extent I've been battling feature creep, there are a number of great features that I want to add to TextQuick, but in the end I decided to concentrate on the quality. One or two new features have made it in but these are in areas where they add more polish and make the user experience smoother.
TextQuick 1.5 is more robust than ever before. A number of fixes went into this release, not only handling the issues described in my previous blog posting but also solving the issues that required some folks to un-install and then re-install TextQuick.  
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The next release of TextQuick is more polished than before. By listening to how folks use TextQuick, and listening to how they would like the application to act I've introduced a few changes which help to smooth the user experience. To make TextQuick even faster a lot of users want to keep TextQuick running quietly in the background, they want TextQuick to disappear into the background after they send a text message. To do this you select “TextQuick to background” from the options menu. However when in TextQuick there was no quick way to send it to the background. This meant that you had to press the switcher key, to jump back to the main menu, and then press it again to get to the home / standby screen. Now when you select “TextQuick to background” the menu bar on the application also changes. Instead of presenting you with “Options – Exit” it now presents you with “Options – Back”. When you select the "Back" button TextQuick jumps to the background, just as it does after sending a text message - making it a simple one button press to get back to the home screen.
TextQuick 1.4 has made it easier and quicker to get to the people you talk to the most. It's helped to remove the cumbersome task of searching through the phone's database to find the people you want. What if you want to speak to someone using another phone ? - Perhaps a land line or office phone. Unless you wanted to contact someone actually using your phone TextQuick couldn't help. However a simple new menu option helps solve all of that. Now within TextQuick 1.5 you can simply use the “Options” menu to “Open” a contact in your phones address book, giving you all the details you need.
I'm really looking forward to releasing TextQuick 1.5, I'm hoping to have it out in your hands within the next two weeks.


  1. Anonymous

    Hi!. Just purchased textQuick… great tool!.. but I have a small problem.. After first run, the app scans my inbox and outbox, and sorts the contacts as it should in the textquick app. But this list never changes,.. have sent and recieved multiple sms from another user in my phonebook, and this user never appears on top of textquick list ??.. fog

  2. Anonymous

    You need to shut down (Exit) and restart TextQuick to have it re-scan you messages.
    Remember TextQuick only shows those people who have a mobile phone number assigned to them in the contacts application.

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