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TextQuick beta 3 is dead… Long Live TextQuick 1.4

I'm really pleased to say that the
first version of TextQuick has been released.

The 23rd of August marked the end of
the beta phase of TextQuick. Every beta edition of TextQuick stopped
working after that date. I set dead line as much for me as for any
other reason, it gave me something to work towards, a time frame in
which I had to fix any reported bugs and complete as many requested
features as possible. The beta period has been a great success, the
feed back I got to TextQuick was fantastic. I would really like to
thank all those who contacted me. There is only so much testing a
single developer can do and so it was great to read the reports of
TextQuick being put through it's paces.

This release version of TextQuick
includes some new features. In addition to the features found in
previous editions of the beta TextQuick now sports a new settings
screen. From the settings screen you can change how your contact's
names are displayed by altering the order in which their first and
last names and shown. You can also tell TextQuick what to do after
it's sent a message. After sending a message TextQuick can now either
leave it's self in the foreground as it normally does, automatically
quit, or place it's self in the background. A description of these
new features can be found a the Mind-Flip web site.

TextQuick 1.4 is available to purchase
from the Handango web site.

This release version does not mark the
end of development for TextQuick. There are a number of other
features I am planning to add. All updates to TextQuick 1.x will be
given as free upgrades to anyone who purchases a copy from the
Handango web site.

Please keep the feed back coming! It's
impossible to fix a problem if you don't know it exists in the first
place, so I'd appreciate all the feedback I get.

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