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Bugs & Features

As I mentioned in my last post the
release of the first TextQuick beta uncovered bugs. One bug in
particular one the caused TextQuick not to start correctly. Thank you
everyone who emailed me with information about this. Particularly
thanks to Vladimir would discovered what was causing the bug –
contacts in your address book with no name, they appeared as
“(unnamed)” on the phone. When TextQuick hit one it would close.
I fixed this in Beta 2 which has now been released. If you've got the
old version then I would recommend you move to the latest release.

Thank you everyone who emailed me with
suggestions for features. I'm putting together a list of all the
features that people have requested and I'm going to start working on
them. So far the following features have been requested the most:

Be able to change the order in which
peoples names appear in a list entry {last name first name } or {
first name last name }

Press the call button ( green key ) to
call the person currently selected

Have TextQuick exit after sending a
text message: Make it quicker to return to the main screen.

Are there any other features you would
like to see in TextQuick ? Drop me a line, let me know if I missed

Key an eye on the blog here and the
mind-flip site for updates to TextQuick in the coming weeks.


  1. Anonymous

    Hi, Text Quick is a really great tool. Congratulations! 🙂 What I'm missing is too see what number of the contact i choose. I have people with 2 mobile phones (work and home). If i sent messages to both numbers I can't see any difference in the list. Perhaps it's possible to put a symbol (for example a house for home, a factory for work) behind the name or something like (w) for work and (h) for home.

  2. Anonymous

    McFly: Thanks for the feed back, it's always great to hear what people think, good or bad. 🙂 I'm glad you late the application.
    Ahh, I see what you mean about identifying the actual phone number being used. That's a good idea I'll have to looking that.

  3. Anonymous

    While I was using TextQuick i crashed and the database got corrupted. Since then I haven't been able to use TextQuick. It just freezes in the loading screen. I wish there was an option to “Reset the database”.
    Best Regards

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Lars,
    I'm working on a bug fix for this issue. In the mean time, un-installing and re-installing will solve this.

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