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Wow, I can breath again. It's been a good hard slog, and they do say that the last mile of a software projects development can take the longest, and it has certainly felt that way. But at last I've finished my application. Well at least the beta version anyway.

This is the reason for the lack of posts of the last month. I've had my head down trying to get my idea complete. There has been many late nights coding, designing, and occasionally bouncing my head off the desk in frustration. But at last I've got something to show for my efforts.

With my last name being Woods it's often hard to find family members on my mobile phone, as it's listed alphabetically they are often at the bottom of the list. This can be really annoying especially when your trying to run out of the door as well as letting people know you going to be a few minutes late. Computers and technology can make our lives so much easier, it's why when they don't I feel like I've got to do something about it. After months of complaining I got down to producing a solution. The result is TextQuick.

TexQuick ranks everyone in your phone book by how often you send or receive text messages from them, the result is your favorite people are always at the top of the list. For me this means no more searching for my wife's name at the bottom of the address book.

I've made TextQuick available for free as a beta release, you can pick up a copy here (http://www.mind-flip.com/textquick/download). All I ask is that you give me some feed back, let me know what's good or bad about it.

Go on, give it a go, and let me know what you think.

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  1. Anonymous

    your application is absolut amazing!!!
    ther are a lot of tools out there, but non of them is smart as your tool.
    This is my nuber 1 application until i start it up the first time!!!
    (i like the “intelligent” things like the auto sort of recent used Contacts, and that it is smart enough to know itself,what is the standard number of the market contact are. (if theres no SMS-standard, it takes the standard for a phonecall)
    This application is very usefull and real smart.
    regards and shouts out 2u 😉
    a moderator from http://www.aikon.ch (Nik: Sirius)

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