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Handango & Symbian Signing

Following on from the replies I got from Symbian, I did some further investigation. Symbian made an important point, that Handango would sign my application and just take a larger cut. This although not great would help as at least I could get my application out to the big wide world! So I emailed Handango to find out more. Their reply really surprised me - it turns out they don't do it any more. Something I think Symbian were not aware of. I have to say that Handango's response was informative and quite open which was great.

Like my original "Death of the Bedroom Coder" posting this email conversation took place around November 2006. What's interesting is that a friend of my within Symbian mentioned that they had a conversation with some of the Symbian marketing team recently. The marketing team were still under the impression that Handango were offering this service. This almost suggests that not everyone within Symbian is aware of how difficult it is becoming for 3rd party small / single / lone developers.

I really hope we can find a way out of this, as it is the only way I can distribute my application at the moment.

I'm toying with the idea of simply documenting my application in it's current state. Work at the moment has halted, as my Wife said to me there is little point working on my application if I can't release it. It is unfortunately true, but really bums me out. I enjoy working on it and I've so many cool ideas of where it could go, and I don't really want to have to give up work on it.

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