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Halloween Special a self Postmortem – Using MongoDB

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This evening I had a terrifying experience. I stood up in front of a room of talented and experienced developers, and a MongoDB expert and I told them about all the stupid and silly mistakes I'd made building VocZie with MongoDB. The really strange thing is I feel much better now, hope this feeling lasts until the morning...

About a month a go @dizz (Andy Edmonds) introduced me on email to the guys who run the Google Developer Group Dublin, Eoin Bailey and Raphael Savina, and suggested that I give a talk about my experiences in using MongoDB to build VocZie.

Andy and I had been working together at Intel Labs in Ireland, and over the lunch breaks I'd already explained some of the painful stories of my mistakes and he suggested that I share these and they can provide insights for new developers starting out with MongoDB. So my first thought was fear... "I don't want to tell the whole world about that!".

But, in fairness a good post-mortem covers the good and the bad, and it as a really refreshing opportunity to sit down and think critically about VocZie and my development efforts to date. The slide deck is focused specifically on the VocZie + MongoDB developer experience,  so I didn't go into any depth on the Twitter API changes, but I was brutally honest on where I think MongoDB stands out, where it could improve, and the issues I encountered using it (some issues are self-inflicted).

Chris Speaking at Google Developer Group DublinI thought that standing up in front of all of your peers and telling them "you've made a few mistakes"  was going to be a terrifying Halloween type experience, but strangely now its all over I feel somewhat at peace.... I bit like the calm after your final year exams.... probably because it is too late to do anything about it now.... (I can hear an echo of an evil laugh)...

The raw slide deck is here "Halloween Special a self Postmortem – Using MongoDB", if I get the time I'll update the slide deck with my speaker notes so you get a sense about how the talk went and what was covered. And if you check out the Google event here you can see some pictures of me talking.

Now where did my bed sheet go, I need it - it is time for bed.


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