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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Happy Monday, Ovi

I’ve produced' Headline’s Icon is more sizes and image formats than I can care to think about, and I’ve produced banner adverts for it on the PC and mobile formats, filled in details of my grandmother’s sister’s next door neighbour’s pet cat’s birthday, and then clicked the “submit” button on Ovi. Now the next stage…
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Looking at a box of Corn Flakes

We normally don’t think about it, but next time you are in the supermarket take a moment out to check out all the packaging. The bright colours, the distinctive styles – you can spot a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes from across the room. The same care and attention to packaging is also important for…
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Mobile World Congress

You may have noticed a reduction in my blog posting last week, that is because I was attending Mobile World Congress, getting interviewed for German tech TV and learning lots about the next generation of mobile networks, 3D phones, and the rise of dual core ARM chips. 3D Phones from LGAt the show LG showed…
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Headlines is still coming!

Headlines is currently going through the Ovi submission process! I am in the middle of signing the final release version! I know a lot has happened with the news of Nokia picking Windows for some of their future phones, but in the mean time there will still be a lot of Symbian devices in the…
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The Microsoft / Nokia Ecosystem

On the face of it current reports about the new agreements between Nokia and Microsoft are nearly all positive, some saying that this is fantastic news for Nokia. The devil however, is in the details, it looks like a fantastic opportunity for Microsoft.Elop’s EmailThe Nokia CEO’s email outlined the challenges the company faced; Growing competition…
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Bad RSS Feeds & Usability

I got some fantastic feedback from Sophie, she reported some odd behaviour with Headlines showing blank stories and not loading stories which contained images. Turns out Headlines was working perfectly – However  I learnt a whole lot more from Sophie’s email than I expected. This bug report was worrying and unexpected, as headlines is built…
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Back to the Icon!

Things are moving on a pace. The VAT numbers for Mind-Flip have arrived and this week will see myself and Emma going through the paces of getting Headlines release. As I mentioned in earlier posts I’ve been looking at how to create a well designed and commutative Icon. One which will provide the first time…
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Icon Design–Taking Hints from Paul Rand

I’ve been checking  out the Paul Rand web site. For those who don’t know Paul Rand was a graphic design who helped to design some of the world’s most famous and iconic advertising and logos. He was responsible for IBM’s logo, NeXT computers logo, and the American Express logos. On the Paul Rand web site…
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