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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Headlines–The Application

Merry Christmas! – I know for many people this this their last working day before the Holiday break. So let me wish all who read this a very happy Christmas! Introducing HeadlinesI also wanted to bring you guys up to date with the development work on the new Mind-Flip application. This application is called Headlines.…
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The day-glow blue post

  The basics where done. Now finally I could move onto doing the graphics and presentation. I had a good idea of the overall structure of the application, based on the idea of folders of news. Each folder would allow the user to scroll left and right through the stories. With the news folders stacked…
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Focusing on the Screen

It turns out that lots of RSS feeds contain graphical images. I checked Sky News, The Guardian, Time magazine, WSJ etc. There is so much additional graphical content out there in these RSS feeds which is not being used. The problem is providing this information in a usable format on a Nokia phone, and Nokia…
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The in-betweenie-bits

So I had a basic idea, what I lacked was background. I had to validate my idea to make sure that it could work and could offer something different and unique. So I started researching existing RSS readers. What I initially found was quite un-inspiring, but it turned out this would lead my development in…
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What do I do, every morning, in bed, before getting up?

  So the challenge was on. It’s early June, I’ve got a company and I’ve just discovered that my intended application is probably going to sink. So far, this isn’t a great start, really, is it? Looking at everyday activitiesWhen I wake in the morning I get beaten to the shower by my lovely wife.…
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Mind-Flip Limited is Born

It has been a long time since I posted to the Mind-Flip blog, the truth is I’ve been very busy. Over the last few months we’ve taken the Mind-Flip web site, and my mobile development and turned that into a fully fledged company. Having a limited company opens up the publishing options and allows me…
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