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Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Venus Clock

Well.. thought I would share – I’ve been playing around with Venus, the GIMP, and a little test application called VenusClock. Just thought I would share the screenshot above – what do you think? (I don't think it's too bad for programmer art) - I think I need to find some great graphics folks to…
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TextQuick 2.2: Updated

Hi All, I have been working on the suggestions and comments that you guys have provided me on my first version of TextQuick2. I am now pleased to announce that one of the most requested new features; the ability to turn off and on new message popup notifications has been added to TextQuick. You can…
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TextQuick 1.5 – New Price Point

A super quick note for you all... For anyone who has not already purchased TextQuick 1- Big News...TextQuick 1.5 is now available for $2.99 on the Handango store!Simply visit http://www.handango.com and search for "TextQuick"
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Resigned TextQuick 1.5 Available

Since TextQuick 1.5 (available from Handango, and the Mind-Flip site) is an unsigned Symbian application its certificate expires. This happens every 12 months, and means that I need to resign the application. I just wanted to let you know that I have indeed done this, and that you can now find the old version of…
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TextQuick2 in Heathrow Airport T5

Just a really quick message. I am currently in Seattle, I've been here for about a week. So apologies if you've dropped me an email and I've been a little slow to respond. None Bud - American Beer... is actually... nice (Shock!) I am happy to report that Seattle has lived up to the sterotype…
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