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Yearly Archives: 2009

New Year – New Features

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas break. I have been planning on providing a list of the new features I am working on for TextQuick 2, so here they all are: TextQuick 2 Feature List A rewritten Ranking Engine The Ranking Engine is the heart of TextQuick it ranks all messages detected in both…
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SEE09 – What a fantastic trip

I didn't want to report anything on my blog until it became official, however for the last couple of months I have been working with the Symbian foundation and the Symbian Horizon private beta program. Symbian picked TextQuick as one of their launch applications! The Symbian Horizon team have been brilliant in their support.Twitter: #see09…
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Mind-Flip at the Symbian Show 2009. TextQuick via Symbian Horizon

It has been a manic couple of weeks. I am please to say that TextQuick 1.5 has been accepted by the Symbian Horizon program, and will shortly be available to download through a number of new sites. I've been working hard to ensure that TextQuick is ready for the Symbian Horizon program. I'll be posting…
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Developer Diary 5: A long time

Ok, no excuses. I should have updated you on my progress earlier...I have been working on Venus, and progress has actually been really good. I have an initial version of the graphics library created, and have integrated it into TextQuick. This has allowed me to implement some really cool features. - But more about that…
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Developer Diary 4: A good blt’er of inspiration

I've never owned an Atari ST, nor was I lucky enough to own an Amiga. - Instead I had an Amstrad 5086 it was an Intel 8086 8Mhz beast! I did however have some friends who owned Amigas and Atari STs and of course we would argue until the cows came home about who had…
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