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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Software KVM

Synergy, wow, this is one of the most useful tools I've found in a while. It's a software KVM basically. A single PC's keyboard and mouse can be shared between many machines. In addition it runs on many operating systems including Linux and Windows. At the moment I have it set up to use my desktop…
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Fixing the emulator crash

Ever get that annoying emulator crash on the latest S60 emulator ? Through no fault of your own when you start the emulator it crashes. Well it looks like Nokia have finally got around to fixing it. Harrah for Nokia! There is a patch you can download which when unzipped over your emulator directory fixes…
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Handango & Symbian Signing

Following on from the replies I got from Symbian, I did some further investigation. Symbian made an important point, that Handango would sign my application and just take a larger cut. This although not great would help as at least I could get my application out to the big wide world! So I emailed Handango to…
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Death Of The Bedroom Coder Part 2 : Symbian Replies

As you probably gathered from my original posting although it was placed on this blog in April it was actually written before Christmas. In fact it was written in November last year. I was attempting to get my application ready for the Christmas market when I encountered the Symbian Signed issue. Up until that time…
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