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Yearly Archives: 2007

Protothreads : Removing the State from State machine

Symbian's introductory training covers Active Objects. Active Objects are a Symbian specific method of providing co-operative multitasking. During the introduction to Active Objects we are all told about how inefficient and bloated multi threaded applications can be. Each thread requires heap and stack space, it requires kernel resources to provide for the context switching, and…
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I’m Back!

It has been far too long since I last posted here. I shall make an effort to keep up with some more regular postings. However I just wanted to share some news with you - TextQuick 1.5 is almost ready for release! It is feature complete and it's been through a round of testing. In…
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A quick break

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm taking a quick break, I'm away on holidays for the next two weeks. So development of TextQuick will be a on hold until I return. See you all soon!
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Calling space in an emergency

The deadline I gave myself of the end of August really pushed me to complete TextQuick. There were many late nights and I was really quite tired afterward. I am still happy to have made the dead line, but it was a bit of hard work. This was the first time I have released any…
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TextQuick beta 3 is dead… Long Live TextQuick 1.4

I'm really pleased to say that the first version of TextQuick has been released. The 23rd of August marked the end of the beta phase of TextQuick. Every beta edition of TextQuick stopped working after that date. I set dead line as much for me as for any other reason, it gave me something to…
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Hello, this is TextQuick Beta 3 calling

Thank you all for the suggestions I've had so far. I'm really pleased to say that I've added the first of the  new features to TextQuick. TextQuick can now make calls. The fastest way to do this is to simply press the green "call" key on your phone. When you do TextQuick will automatically dial…
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Bugs & Features

As I mentioned in my last post the release of the first TextQuick beta uncovered bugs. One bug in particular one the caused TextQuick not to start correctly. Thank you everyone who emailed me with information about this. Particularly thanks to Vladimir would discovered what was causing the bug – contacts in your address book…
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Back to the code-face

Wow the last week has been quite busy. It's been great to get TextQuick out and let people have a go with it. TextQuick also received a fantastic review on mobile 9 and also at e61effect. In addition I've had some fantastic emails from people who said they were stuck with the same problem and…
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Wow, I can breath again. It's been a good hard slog, and they do say that the last mile of a software projects development can take the longest, and it has certainly felt that way. But at last I've finished my application. Well at least the beta version anyway.This is the reason for the lack…
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