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A Guest Post on Big Data

I've been speaking with guys from Adoreboard a start up based in Belfast, on how Big Data works - from a practical point of view.  The differing data structures often mean that a typical monolithic approach to data storage doesn't always make sense. Bob Marks, from Adoreboard wrote a guest post on all things Big Data…
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What is “The Cloud”?

There is still a good deal of confusion, even among the IT literate about what “The Cloud” really is. It doesn’t help that some consumer orientated companies are using the term to help publicise their own services, for example, HTC has a cloud, Apple has an iCloud, DropBox lets you store your files in the…
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Hooklogger : Tracking down memory leaks

Hooklogger is a great tool for Symbian. I've used it a number of times to track down memory leaks. It basically replaces the epoc user library (EUSER.DLL) on the emulator. Whenever a memory allocation or de allocation occurs Hooklogger can record that event. To make things even easier to also records the a stack history…
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Starting an application at phone boot time

As a developer this is a question which comes up time and time again.  It's actually not difficult to do, but the files you need to change and how you change them can be quite tricky to remember. I did some research on this during my spare time, so I've decided to dig out my…
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Rediscovering the missing EPOCROOT

Although Symbian ship and require that you install perl with their SDK there is an alternative set of scripting languages that comes free with any copy of Windows. Windows comes with a component called the Windows Scripting Host. I used this tool in a previous post here.With a stock Symbian install, supplied directly from Symbian,…
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Software KVM

Synergy, wow, this is one of the most useful tools I've found in a while. It's a software KVM basically. A single PC's keyboard and mouse can be shared between many machines. In addition it runs on many operating systems including Linux and Windows. At the moment I have it set up to use my desktop…
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