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Running MongoDB in a Virtual Environment

I got the chance to give an updated version of my introduction to MongoDB to the Dublin MongoDB user group (@MongoDBDublin). Download the Slide Deck: I've supplied my slide deck, along with meeting notes here. I think I can share with you the most interesting learning I had when initially using MongoDB - virtual machines lie... they…
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Halloween Special a self Postmortem – Using MongoDB

This evening I had a terrifying experience. I stood up in front of a room of talented and experienced developers, and a MongoDB expert and I told them about all the stupid and silly mistakes I'd made building VocZie with MongoDB. The really strange thing is I feel much better now, hope this feeling lasts until…
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Developer Diary 5: A long time

Ok, no excuses. I should have updated you on my progress earlier...I have been working on Venus, and progress has actually been really good. I have an initial version of the graphics library created, and have integrated it into TextQuick. This has allowed me to implement some really cool features. - But more about that…
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Developer Diary 4: A good blt’er of inspiration

I've never owned an Atari ST, nor was I lucky enough to own an Amiga. - Instead I had an Amstrad 5086 it was an Intel 8086 8Mhz beast! I did however have some friends who owned Amigas and Atari STs and of course we would argue until the cows came home about who had…
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Developer Diary – Entry 2 : Introducing Venus

A lot has happened in the mobile industry since I first started work on TextQuick. Now as you know I'm a Symbian developer, and an S60 user. I really like Nokia's current offering, but with the announcement of the Apple iPhone the industry has really taken a leap forward. Not particularly in terms of hardware,…
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