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Hooklogger : Tracking down memory leaks

Hooklogger is a great tool for Symbian. I've used it a number of times to track down memory leaks. It basically replaces the epoc user library (EUSER.DLL) on the emulator. Whenever a memory allocation or de allocation occurs Hooklogger can record that event. To make things even easier to also records the a stack history…
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Protothreads : Removing the State from State machine

Symbian's introductory training covers Active Objects. Active Objects are a Symbian specific method of providing co-operative multitasking. During the introduction to Active Objects we are all told about how inefficient and bloated multi threaded applications can be. Each thread requires heap and stack space, it requires kernel resources to provide for the context switching, and…
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Hey June, don’t be so sad

June was a hectic month, I've been so busy, but hopefully there is a light in the tunnel and I should be able to reveal some of what I've been working on in the coming posts. I can't believe I managed to go an entire month with out a single posting here.The price of getting…
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Is it really all that bad ?

OK, I've been bashing the Symbian Signed program, but don't get me wrong I understand and appreciate why it's been put in place. It has very admirable aims. From what I understand Symbian Signed main purpose is to prevent malware and viruses on phones as unlike a PC were a virus might be disruptive and…
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A Route To Market

I should point out that I wrote my last posting in November during the run up to Christmas. Since then I've successfully installed my application on my own phone, and I've been able to test that it works OK. I've been sitting on my complaint about Symbian Signing since November hoping that things might have…
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Death Of The Bedroom Coder

How Do I get my Symbian OS Application Signed? The Symbian ecosystem has to date provided me with my career. I have spent most of my working life coding with Symbian, either writing 3rd party applications or working on the OS it's self. For my sins I actually enjoy it, which what makes this development even…
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